Markfield Road Festival

A celebration of emerging & established creatives through art, music & discussion

A celebration of creatives through art, music & discussion

Friday 8 September 2023

5pm - 11pm

Panel Talk: Creative Land Trust - The Importance of Creative Workspace*

5pm – 6pm
The Cove Studio, 50-58 Markfield Rd, London N15 4QF

This discussion will, from different perspectives, look at the role that artist workspaces have in our communities and our neighbourhoods, not only for the creative sector, but also for local people and for London’s economy at large.

Alice Perse Clarke – Artist
Yves Blais – Operations Manager, Creative Land Trust
Cliff Dobbs – Area Manager, North London, Launch It!
Moderator: Aida Esposito – Creative Strategist, creativethinking&doing

*This is a limited capacity event. Ticket holders will be prioritised.

Gaunson Creative Open Studios & Bar

6pm – 10pm
Gaunson Creative Studios, Gaunson House, Markfield Rd, London N15 4QQ

We’d like to invite you to explore our studios, home to over 90 artists in South Tottenham.

Visitors will have the chance to take a peek inside our building, see creative work, meet the artists and buy original art and craft items.

Enjoy your visit to one of London’s thriving hubs of creativity.

Open Studios will see the return of the butterfly trail with great prizes for kids of all ages as well as an Art Raffle, with a £500 voucher to purchase or commission work by our artists as the main prize.

Art In The Yard: art installations, film screenings

5pm – 11pm
Gaunson Creative Studios, Gaunson House, Markfield Rd, London N15 4QQ

Gaunson House car park will present Art in The Yard with outdoor art installations, murals and film screenings by our resident artists. 

Throughout the weekend there’ll be live art, kids activities, a bar and food stalls.

Markfield Road: bar, food & DJs

5pm – 11pm
Markfield Rd, London N15 4QQ

This year, we will be expanding out onto Markfield Road itself with more space for a bar, food stalls, DJs, seating and a bouncy castle.

Spoken Mother Earth: A Poetry Soiree Celebrating Our Planet*

7pm – late
The Cove Studio, 50-58 Markfield Rd, London N15 4QF

Join us for an enchanting evening under the starlit sky as we gather to honor the heartbeat of our existence – Mother Earth. Prepare to be captivated by the power of words and the magic of poetry, as we immerse ourselves in an exploration of nature’s beauty, resilience, and the profound connection we share with our planet.

Event Highlights:

7pm: Panel discussion: Spoken Environmental Justice

Description: In today’s Spoken panel discussion on environmental justice, experts from various fields have come together to address the urgent need for equitable solutions to our environmental challenges. The dialogue revolves around the understanding that environmental justice is not just about protecting the planet, but also about ensuring fairness and inclusivity for all communities, particularly those disproportionately affected by environmental degradation.

Through the discussion, panellists emphasize the importance of recognizing the rights of marginalized groups and raising awareness on the interconnectedness between social justice and environmental sustainability. They exchange insights and strategies on how to promote affordable and sustainable access to clean water, clean air, and green spaces, while considering the diverse needs and priorities of different communities.

A Poetry Soiree Celebrating Our Planet 🌍

🍃 Whispers of the Wind: Renowned poets will take you on a poetic journey through lush forests, rolling meadows, and majestic mountains. Through their verses, you’ll feel the gentle caress of the wind and the secrets it carries.

🌊 Tales of the Tides: The rhythmic ebb and flow of the oceans will come alive as poets share verses that delve into the depths of the sea, exploring its mysteries and the life it cradles.

🌅 Sunrise Sonnets: As dawn breaks, we’ll witness the birth of a new day through eloquent poems that paint the sky with hues of gold and pink. These verses will remind us of the constant renewal that Mother Earth bestows upon us.

🌺 Floral Verses: Our poets will craft vivid verses that pay homage to the intricate dance of flowers, from the delicate petals to the resilience of blossoms that find a way to bloom even in adversity.

🌳 Rooted Resonance: Through thought-provoking verses, we’ll delve into the ancient wisdom of trees and their silent but powerful presence, reminding us of our own roots and interconnectedness.

🌎 Global Echoes: Poets from around the world will come together to share their diverse perspectives on our shared home. Their words will echo the universal call for harmony, conservation, and respect for the Earth.

*This is a limited capacity event. Ticket holders will be prioritised.

Pre events

Friday 8 September 2023

5pm – 11pm

Saturday 9 September 2023

2pm – 11pm

Sunday 10 September 2023

2pm – 9pm